Become a NRRKEC member and gain access to a range of benefits

Membership of NRRKEC enables you to access a range of benefits. These include:

The Annual NRRKEC Retail Symposium -. This event will showcase examples of research which have had a demonstrable impact on retail productivity and/or performance and help generate a list of research priorities for the UK retail sector for the following year. It will also provide a unique networking opportunity for academics, retailers, retail policy makers and retail-related interest groups to discuss potential research collaborations and opportunities. The 2018 Symposium will  take place at Nottingham Conference Centre on Thursday 12 July 2018 when the theme will be “retail productivity”.

Access to NRRKEC National Academic Retail Research Directory  The directory will contain short executive summaries of research currently being carried out across all UK Universities which we consider has some relevance for retailers (including the contact details of the lead academics involved) The summaries will be presented in easily digestible language and stress the potential benefits of the research for retail. The first edition of this unique Directory is now available.

A central access point for guidance on various aspects of knowledge exchange. As a retailer, you may want for example advice about potential research collaborators within Universities who might be able and willing to undertake research or as an academic you may want to be directed towards retail NRRKEC members who might be interested in collaborating on research bids.

The opportunity to showcase your retail-related research events and news on the NRRKEC website to an audience of academics and retailers who share an interest in impactful retail research