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Based in Nottingham Business School (Nottingham Trent University), the National Retail Research Knowledge Exchange Centre (NRRKEC) will identify and collate information about academic retail related research carried out across UK HEIs for retailers.

For academics, the centre will facilitate access to research contacts and agendas within UK retailers.

This unique service will appeal to Universities striving to enhance the ‘impact’ of their research as well as retailers who are seeking impactful research.


The NRRKEC will provide members with:

  • A UK ‘retail academic research directory’ which captures relevant academic research in a digestible format for retail practitioners and policy makers.
  • A ‘translation’ service for academic institutions, turning academic retail research outputs into digestible summaries which clearly capture the impacts for retail policy and practice.
  • An annual symposium, with academic leads from the main UK retail research centres, senior representatives from across the UK retail sector and Government agencies and funding bodies focused on local and national retail policy impact.

The NRRKEC will also:

  • Participate in key strategic retail practice and policy events.
  • Promote research collaboration between academics and practitioners.
  • Identify co-funding opportunities for collaborative research activity between academics and retailers.
  • Raise the profile and image of academic research with key retail practitioners, stakeholders and policy makers.
  • Produce academic publications which bring together retail-related research findings with management applications.
  • Generate Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) linked to agendas identified by network members.


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